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Transform your landscape into a breathtaking oasis with our selection of hundreds of shrubs, flowering plants and trees! We are Southeastern PA’s premier landscaping contractors, Based in Berks County Pennsylvania.
DNK Landscape Design and Construction offers a complete solution for all of your landscape design needs. We skillfully guide you through the entire project’s journey – from creative concept to efficient execution. Our expert team of landscaping contractors are committed to providing the best service from start to finish. All of our Estimates are FREE! Simply contact us via our online form today!

Our Focus

DNK Landscape Design and Construction is devoted to delivering first-rate landscapes that surpass your expectations. Backed by our commitment to excellence, we provide customers with high-quality workmanship at unparalleled prices – making us the ultimate choice for all your landscaping needs in Berks County.

What Can DNK Do for You?

Our focus is delivering high-end landscape designs that accurately reflect your vision and financial requirements. We pride ourselves on transforming outdoor spaces into something practical yet aesthetically pleasing, highlighting any existing features or restoring lost beauty in the process!

This team never shies away from an opportunity to re-establishing lost edging or installing new features. Our years of experience have enabled us to elevate our trade into a true art form. Our dedication is evident through our maintenance services – which we offer at an affordable rate with rapid scheduling.

Quality craftsmanship is at the heart of DNK Landscape. Unlike many local landscapers, nearly all of our pruning is performed with scissors and saws. This attention to detail ensures that we can restore the lost beauty from your ornamentals. We offer competitive pricing for all our services, including pruning, installing mulch, trimming fences and walls, patios & drains buildout – we handle all aspects of hardscape and softscape landscaping services, Get in touch today to revitalize your outdoor space at an affordable price.

Our Services


Aeration, Overseeding, and Lawn Care.

DNK Landscape offers all types of lawn care. Aeration, overseeding, dethatching, and new lawn installation are services offered to our clients.


Color-Coordinated Plantings

Let us create a vibrant, colorful landscape for you with a wide selection of shrubs, flowers and trees! We’ll work together to match the existing natural beauty or start anew in order to achieve the ideal balance between zero-maintenance convenience and brilliant seasonal blooms.


Drainage Solutions

Struggling with a watery mess in your yard every time it rains? When left unaddressed, ineffective drainage can cause long-term damage to your home and yard. Water pooling in the lawn or even flooding a basement is no stranger to us – but it’s an issue you don’t have face alone! Our team isn’t afraid of tackling any challenging drainage problems other landscapers passed up – so let us help ensure your property stays safe from water damage.


Feature Removal & Replacement

Let us help you transform your patio from an eyesore of weeds, cracked masonry and outdated shrubs into a beautiful outdoor living space. We are dedicated to providing the necessary services for removal of old flowerbeds and replacing them with something new!



Make your fencing dreams a reality! With our expert installation services, bring us any custom fence design you can imagine and we’ll make it happen. Get ready to be wowed by the perfect blend of style and durability that comes along with professionally installed fences from us.


Leaf Removal

Keep your property clean and clear, no matter the season – that’s our promise. Our expert team is prepared to take on any amount of fallen leaves, sticks or even snow removal hassle-free! Don’t let debris pile up: call us today for reliable yard work solutions.



Create uniform, vibrant color in your garden with a wide range of mulch options. From dyed brown and red to natural wood chips and oak bark – you’re sure to find the perfect option! And did we mention that all prices are highly competitive?


Natural & Artificial Stone Installation

Our expert team of hardscapers are proud to create stunning outdoor living spaces with our natural and artificial stone products. Whether you’re looking for a rustic or modern patio, wall, walkway—or any other features—we craft custom designs that will last season after season. Our industry-leading supplies ensure lasting beauty in every installation!


Organic Recycling

DNK Landscape is committed to doing its part for the planet. We partner with organic recycling companies in order to ensure all of our waste materials are responsibly disposed of, allowing us to reduce our environmental footprint and make sure we’re preserving this beautiful world.


Patio Design & Installation

Our distinct design style captures both modern and traditional aspects of hardscape and softscape. Whether you want something with a regional flair, or just some creative ideas to work off of – our estimates are complimentary so why not give us the opportunity to show you what we can do!


Pruning, Trimming, & Semi-Annual Maintenance

Bring your landscape back to its best form with routine maintenance. We offer expert pruning and mulching services, so that you can enjoy an immaculate garden without the strain of weed removal – all year round! Why wait for spring or autumn when our experienced professionals are here; if it’s been a while since your outdoor area was attended to then get in touch today.


Retaining Walls

Offer your outdoor space a helping hand with our professional retaining wall installation services. Our team of experts can provide structures that are strong, durable and look great for years to come!


Weed Removal

Get to the root of pesky weeds with our full-service manual weed removal. We ensure safety and care when removing those unwanted invaders, while also hauling away any junk in your garden—all without the need for herbicides!

Our Team

Good contracting boils down to one key factor: customer satisfaction. David Knauer, founder of DNK Landscape has carried this value with him since his early days as a server at The Deluxe Restaurant in Shillington. Despite being just an adolescent balancing school and work schedules, David gained respect from the customers due to his attentive nature and commitment towards establishing strong relationships over time.

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