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Add color to your world!

Hundreds of shrubs, flowering plants and trees are at our disposal to renovate your landscape into eye candy. Based in Berks County, we’re among southeastern PA’s best landscape contractors.

DNK Landscape Design and Construction is a problem-solving firm. You don’t have to know how to fix the issue, that’s what we’re here for. Estimates are free so, please, just contact us using the form below and a representative will reach out to you quickly.


Our Service

The goal of our work is to draft and execute landscape designs that match your goals while within your budget. We work to turn your landscaping into something usable and attractive. We’ll take existing features and bring out lost beauty. This team isn’t shy about re-establishing lost edging or installing new features. Years have allowed us to refine our trade into an art. Our art even expresses itself in our maintenance work, where we pride ourselves on offering extremely competitive pricing and quick scheduling. Unlike many local landscapers, nearly all of our pruning is performed with scissors and saws. Working by hand, DNK Landscape is able to bestow lost beauty from all of your ornamentals. We bring this attention to detail to all of our landscaping work, so please leave your contact information so that we can give you competitive pricing on pruning, installing, mulching, trimming, fence work, walls, patios, drains, lawn solutions, building and all other aspects of hardscape and softscape landscaping services.

Our Focus

DNK Landscape Design and Construction doesn’t want to make things as good as they were before, we want to improve your environment beyond recognition. We hold an extremely high standard of excellence but are committed to making our work affordable to everyone, making our work the best value in landscaping. We’re here to make sure that every customer is happy with every dollar they’ve spent.

Our landscaping breaks down into these subcategories:

Aeration, Overseeding, and other applications of Lawn & Turf Science
Giving our customers lush, thick, dark green lawns is one of our best skills. We specialize in rejuvenation procedures such as aeration and overseeding, dethatching and new lawn installation. There's no better investment for your lawn than considering aeration and overseeding in the spring or fall. Years without aeration and overseeding will cause your lawn to become patchy and weedy. Our prices are extremely competitive for these essential activities.
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Color-Coordinated Plantings
Hundreds of shrubs, flowering annuals, perennials and trees are at our disposal to help add some color to your landscape. We'll match what we bring to what's already present in your landscape. Or, we'll start from scratch with a design that blooms year-round with as little maintenance or as much color as you're dreaming of.
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Drainage Solutions
Is water pooling in your yard? Does a stream run through your lawn every time it rains? Poorly planned drainage can leave you with a big mess, over time attacking your home's foundations and allowing water to flood your basement. We've seen it all. That's why we're not afraid to take on drainage work that other landscapers have passed upon.
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Feature Removal & Replacement
Let us replace cracked masonry. Do you really have a patio if we have to pull the weeds that grow there... regularly? Even just simply extracting an old flowerbed and the ancient shrubs growing there, we are prepared to help you rip out the old and install the new.
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Custom fence designs. Installed expertly. We present our customers with a challenge: show us exactly what you want… whether you saw it in a store, online or in the real world, we'll tell you what it takes to make your dreams a reality.
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Leaf Removal
Any time of year, we can handle any amount of fallen leaves and sticks. Fallen branches, even snow removal. If you're overwhelmed with what comes down, give us a call.
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Bold colors and uniform coverage. We have many options of mulch available: dyed black, dyed brown, dyed red, natural brown, oak bark, wood chips. Our pricing is extremely competitive.
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Natural & Artificial Stone Installation
Yes, we still install natural stone features. Walls, patios, walkways are all no problem. We also install artificial stone products from the industry's leading suppliers. Our hardscaping patterns can be as intricate or simple, as rustic or modern as you like. All installations are built to last.
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Organic Recycling
So… where does the waste go? DNK Landscape works with local organic recycling companies in order to make sure that everything we haul away is disposed of in a sustainable manner. We believe in doing our part to help protect this planet.
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Patio Design & Installation
We think differently. Our designs are creative, and can be tuned to feature regional themes. We incorporate new and old aspects of both hardscape and softscape design. All estimates are free, so please let us show you what we can do.
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Pruning, Trimming, & Semi-Annual Maintenance
The goal of our maintenance work is to take existing landscape features and bring them into their best forms. We're not shy about resetting edging and shaping what grows so that it may also bloom. We strongly recommend semi-annual maintenance. Proper pruning at the right time will allow your whole landscape to bloom. Regular mulching will prevent weed growth and we'll save your back the strain of pulling the weeds that do come up. It doesn't have to be spring or fall--if it's been a while since your landscape was tended too then it's time to give us a call.
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Weed Removal
True weed removal. We don't use herbicides so all weed removal is done by pulling the weed to its roots. We'll protect your perennials and haul out the junk.
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There’s no fine line between contractor work and DIY construction. Sure, some homeowners are able to do brilliant work but nearly all of these folks have previous experience in the trades. So, what makes a good contractor?

The keystone to a good contracting firm is commitment to customer satisfaction. Long before he was landscaping, David Knauer, owner of DNK Landscape, was bussing tables and serving customers at The Deluxe Restaurant in Shillington. Though just a kid balancing Saturday and Sunday morning work with his high school classes, David was a popular server because he listened, and built friendships with the people around him.

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David left The Deluxe to pursue economics at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill but he never forgot the importance of listening as he expanded his knowledge in new directions. Training in economics taught David to be precise, and precision is another hallmark of a good contractor. With precision comes accurate measurement, placement, and finished construction.

A job isn’t done until we’ve realized our vision, and our attention to detail keeps us working until that vision is realized. David brings a crew of experienced landscapers, all trained to see the last speck of whatever we may have missed. Together, they form a cohesive unit.

But this unit would be useless if they didn’t have a purpose. David’s greatest skill is his ability to envision the best for an area and then to communicate to his crew how to perform the necessary tasks in order to achieve that vision. You don’t have to know the answer, all you have to do is let us see what’s going on and we’ll guide you from there.

Several years have passed since our start. DNK Landscape has made it to where we stand today by being able to apply our art to your unique situation and at the lowest price possible. We’re a problem-solving company. And, we know how to give you the best landscaping on the avenue.

All estimates are free so please, schedule an estimate with our online booking—or give us a call!

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